10 Graves You Must Visit in Highgate Cemetery

the crypt chick highgate cemetery

Located in London, Highgate Cemetery is one of the highest-class cemeteries in Europe. It is also the final resting place of many notable names. Amongst them are lots of eye-catching gravesites, with names that may not be familiar to some.

Today, I'm going to go through some of the graves that you must visit; some that I visited myself, and some that I missed on my just-short-of-one-hour trip.

1. The most visited tomb in Highgate

I was honest on my Instagram post, so I'll be honest here. When I visited Highgate, I'd heard about his grave, being the most visited one at this cemetery, but I didn't have a clue who he was. 

The Grave of Karl Marx

Marx's original grave is a short distance away. There was a new tomb created that was much larger, you could tell it a mile off. I'll be honest, I had a little giggle to myself when I saw it as I was struggling to find it!

2. The quiet resting place of George Michael

I didn't picture George Michael's grave. However, it was very easy to find. George is located in a peaceful spot next to his mother. His gravesite requests no photographs. Unlike others who rudely disrespect his final wishes, I honored this and simply said hello to him.

The beautiful grave of the Uzielli Family

3. Uzielli Family Tomb

I had no idea who this is. Esther wasn't a movie icon or famous singer. Her grave, however, was so beautiful that I had to screenshot my video just to share it on my page! There are lots of little intricate statues dedicated to this beautiful Italian family.

4. The Dog of Highgate

Unfortunately, I couldn't find this grave. I don't believe it was listed on the map that we had, and we only had an hour so I couldn't find it on my speedwalk around the cemetery. I will return one day though, and I'll make sure this one is on the top of my list...

5. The First Grave in Highgate!

...as well as this one too! Elizabeth Jackson was the first person to be interred into Highgate Cemetery. I did have a little look for her grave but I believe it may be nestled beyond the many 'no entry' zones due to unsteady ground. Elizabeth passed away due to combustion aged 36 on May 20th 1839.

6. You're pretty much DEAD

This grave is by far one of the most interesting graves at Highgate Cemetery. It is a simple, but grave reminder that death comes to us all. I didn't know of the artist Patrick Caulfield, or of the works that he created, apart from his final one, but I had to get a picture.

7. The Resting Place of Jeremy Beadle

Jeremy was one of the only people I knew of, of all the graves I visited. He also has a simple but lovely grave, not quite as striking as the above but a nice sentement to a much loved tv presenter.

8. ... Not the McLaren Cars (like I thought)

In highgate cemetery, you too can visit the grave of The Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, McClaren once dated Vivienne Westwood. It was recently announced on the news that she passed away on December 29th 2022. I suspect she may be buried in Highgate but details have not been raised yet. Keep an eye out on Find a Grave!

9. Nero The Great Lion

This grave took my breath away. George Wombwell isn't a name we hear very often today, but back in the 1800's, it was very well known. Originally, George was a shoemaker who later progressed into collecting exotic animals, later exhibiting a travelling menagerie. Presented above his grave is George's pet lion, Nero.

10. To Infinity and Beyond!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the grave of Douglas Adams on my visit to Highgate. If you haven't heard his name before, chances are you will have definitely heard of his work. Adams was known for his best selling piece, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. On his graveside you will find a collection of pens donated by devoted fans.

Have you visited Highgate Cemetery before? Let me know which graves you visited below!



  1. I agree that the Uzielli grave is well worth seeing but not often mentioned.